Safety assures Reliability.

Our commitment to quality, pursuing safe and security

Safety, security, quality assurance

  • No preservative or additives
  • Without any use of pesticides, certified organic by JAS
  • Processed under Japanese high quality of control

Our commitment to quality

  • @ Natural and original flavor of chestnuts
  • A Using safe raw chestnuts under consistent quality of control

Our commitment to materials

Making with Chinese chestnut

  • Chestnuts made in Hebei are sweet and tasty.
  • Once they are roasted, inner skin can be easy to peel.
  • Suitable for industrialization

※Chestnuts made in Habei have the sweetest taste and their inner skins are
  the easiest to peel compared all other chestnuts,including Japanese one.

Chinese chestnuts grower
Pesticide-free production
  • ・Fertile soil with lots of minerals in well-selected area in Habei
  • ・Moderate solar radiation and precipitation
  • ・Growing in Yanshan highland
  • ・Only selected, reliable grower can control and record daily cultivation work

Production under complete control by Okasan Shokuhin and its subcontract factory

Associated factory in China
Peel each chestnut carefully by hand

Tangshan Shanyuan Foodstuff Co., Ltd(Zunhua City, Hebei province) proceed the first stage in the manufacturing process under strict quality of control Selection /Roasting/Peeling/Quick freezing/X-ray inspection / Storage

Technical cooperation provided by Okasan shokuhin

Our commitment to the manufacturing process

Manufacturing process Quality control in Okasan Shokuhin Main factory / Total control production process

Process flow of peeling  chestnuts manu facturing

Retort Sterilization method(High pressure thermal sterilization)

  • Sterilize the chestnuts in exclusive retort pouch the pressure,
    and raise the temperature by 120
  • Spray boiled water on the retort pouch from all directionsbr
    and a half hours per operation

Okasan Shokuhin’s effort Ensure maximum “natural flavor of chestnuts” by the collaboration of roasting in Chinese factory and sterilizing in Okasan Shokuhin’s main factory!

Retort Sterilization method

Adoption of rapid refrigerator

To freeze quickly in a shorter time makes the cell-destroy minimum.

Installation of an X-rays contamination inspection equipment

Installations of X-rays contamination inspection equipment double checked in raw materials and finishing goods.

Main Factory

JAS certified organic factory Special features of main factory

Please have our peeled chestnuts with the peaceful mind of safety and reliability.