Corporate philosophy Thank, learn, and prosper together, every day. In our company, we are sharing our appreciation with the nature, and those aroud is, and making utmost efforts to make the products which let feel our customers happy on a daily basis. And each employee learns humbly and feels the richness of life, and contributes to the society, and makes our company impressive among the people. With our spirit to thank, learn, and co-prosper on a daily basis, that’s our corporate philosophy.

Abundance of water from snow in winter,wind which helps flower pollination,sunlight that raise the energy of the earth..Tianjin Chestnuts are grown with these natural blessing. “Small Happiness” factory : Oksan Syokuhin. We are making utmost efforts to be creative to respond to your needs, and provide you with tastefulness sounding to your hearts, as an impressive company.

Corporate Profile

Representative CEO Masae Hanada
Foundation September 9, 1999
Paid-in-Capital 10 million yen
Annual Sales 1 billion yen
Number of Employees 27(Full -timer 15, Part-timer 12)
Main Business Activities Production and sales of peeled chestnuts and baked sweet potato
Location 360-8 Saidaiji Shinchi, Higashi-ku, Okayama City, Okayama Zip code 704-8122
TEL 086-942-7781
FAX 086-942-0732
Business Sites Main factory(Okayama-City, Okayama)
・Site Area About 4,950
・Building Area About 1,700
・JAS certified organic factory
(Certification organization:JONA)
・Two straight production lines
Associated factory 
(Sangen Shokuhin)
・Tangshan Shanyuan Foodstuff Co., Ltd
(Hebei province, CHINA)
・JAS certified organic factory
(Certification organization:JONA)